New Year, New Opportunity, New Experience

Hi everyone, it’s March already.
How’s your 2019 goes so far?

Mine is good. I have accomplished one of My 2019 Resolution.
That is having another income beside my main job.
Yeah I just get accepted to work remotely from one of US startup Unicorn.

Before that, I had the interview via Skype.
And to be honest that was my first experience to be Interviewed with non-Indonesian employer.
Even though I have 2 year experience working with foreigner before,
But I was so nervous and afraid I couldn’t communicate clearly and worry the Interviewer won’t understand my english (Lol).

But it went very well.
The interviewer is so nice so I can relax and answer the technical interview question correctly and also received positive feedback.

Long story short, I get accepted and now been working not only with them, but also with people around the world.
From Ghana in Africa, Tunisia in Asia, New York in US, Rome in Italy, and few countries that I never heard before.

Wow I am so excited to collaborate with these people.

From my prior experience working with foreigner, every country has different work culture.
Europe and US usually more straightforward than Asian.
For Indonesian culture, it could be consider rude since here we like small talks before talking the main point.

And now that I had given opportunity to work with many more countries with more different cultures,
Sure will make me learn A LOT MORE!!.
This could be one of most valuable experience I ever get.

Usually we communicate mostly via Slack through writing and I have no problem with that.
One day, we had this teleconference meeting.
When we talk and discuss something, Everybody express their ideas with their own accents.
And It’s so hard for me to understand and I feel so sad.
First lesson I got,
I should be able to understand the English no matter what accents it is.
It could be hard at first, but sure I’ll get used to it later.

The teleconference meeting not only host by the HQ office in US,
Sometimes it held by another country Office Branch,
Means we have to deal with the Time Difference.
So whenever I get emailed about meeting schedule stated “Meeting will be held at 12 pm India time”
I should check the time different between India and Indonesia.
Ensure everything being prepared and not coming late to the meeting.

Because Time Difference, we could have meeting with people that just get back from work in the evening, people that having their lunch break in the noon, or even people that just wake up.
Some people just about to start the day, Some people has been in the middle of the day, and Some people just finish the day.
We don’t know what this people been through throughout their day,
That’s why we need to treat everybody with respect.
It’s never X ideas better than Y ideas.
Everybody has the right to express their idea, and whichever idea bring the company closer to it’s goal is the one that will be used.

Not only the diversity,
Another thing which I love about this New Job is the positive environment that has been build by the company.
Every time we face a problem, we don’t wait for the superior to solve for us.
Everybody is taking initiative and Everybody is supporting each other.

I really love to be around with people that make me grow.
Make me learn and keep improving.
Make me better version than I were yesterday.
I am so blessed. and I am forever grateful.


Experienced Procurement at Retail & Manufacturer Industries.

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Experienced Procurement at Retail & Manufacturer Industries.

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